Nanoporous alumina template for the growth of silicon based nanowires : towards thermoelectric applications

Structured Silicon nanowires in porous alumina template

The project, collaboration between SiNaPS/INAC/CEA and Institut Nèel, CNRS, is to develop a low-cost and efficient thermoelectric device.

In the first part, supervised by Prof. Denis Buttard, SiNaPS, self-ordered porous alumina nanostructure with pores of variable cross section along the axis of the pores by periodically varying the applied voltage are fabricated. Electrodeposition of gold at the bottom of the pores for the catalytic growth of silicon nanowires in the periodic porous structure of alumina by Chemical vapor Deposition in Vapor-Liquid-Solid mode. The diameter of the resulting nanowires is defined by the internal pore geometry of the porous alumina.

The second part, supervised by O. Bourgeois, is the measurement of the thermoelectric properties of these nanowire forests, which will take place in Intitut Nèel, CNRS. Fabrication of the device will be done in order to measure the thermoelectric properties at room temperature and/or low temperatures.

The measurements along with the structural knowledge of the nanowires will provide us with the complete understanding of the influence of the structure of nanowires on the thermoelectric properties and hence, will lead us to an efficient and low–cost thermoelectric device.


Last update : 10/13 2016 (1194)


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