Nanostructured membranes for fuel cell applications

Platinum nanotubes planted in Nafion(R) using ALD deposit into porous alumina template

Since 2010, we work with CEA/LITEN to develop new kind of nanostructures in cathode of proton exchange membrane fuel cell.  In order to suppress carbon support and to facilitate the gas access on platinum catalyst, we make vertical arrays of platinum nanotubes planted in Nafion®. The first root that we used is to deposit platinum by Atomic Layer Deposition on forest of silicon nanowires. Then, we replace the silicon nanowires mold by a porous alumina template. Currently, we work on platinum nanotubes using a single electrochemistry process. All the fuel cell tests are performed with FCT-50 station available at CEA/LITEN/DEHT/LCPEM.


Porous platinum nanotubes using a single electrochemical process

FCT-50 Compact Fuel Cell Test stations

Permanent Staff:




Non-permanent Staff:

2013 – 2016: Olivier MARCONOT, PhD Student at CEA/INAC/SP2M/SiNaPS

2012-2014: Samuele GALBIATI, Post-Doctoral Fellow CEA/LITEN/DEHT/LCPEM

2010 – 2012: Florica LAZAR, Post-Doctoral Fellow CEA/LITEN/DEHT/LCPEM


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