Publication list of the laboratory Nanostructure et Magnétisme

"Magnetization reversal dominated by domain wall pinning in FePt based spin- valves", A.P. Mihai, J.P. Attané, L. Vila, C. Beigné, J.C. Pillet, and A. Marty, Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 122509 (2009).
"Magnetic domain wall pinning and coercivity in FePt/MgO and FePt/Pt thin films", T. Jourdan, J.-P. Attané, F. Lançon, C. Beigné, L. Vila and A. Marty, J. of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials , (2009) 2008 .
"Magnetic vortices in nanowires with transverse easy axis", L. Vila, M. Darques, A. Encinas, U. Ebels, J.-M. George, G. Faini, A. Thiaville, and L. Piraux, Phys. Rev. B 79, 172410 (2009).
"Spin injection in silicone at zero magnetic field", L. Grenet, M. Jamet, P. Noe, V. Calvo, J.-M. Hartmann, L. Nistor, B. Rodmacq, S. Auffret, P. Warin and Y. Samson, Appl. Phys. Lett, 94 032502 (2008).
"Electron-magnon diffusion and magnetization reversal detection in FePt thin films", A. P. Mihai, J. P. Attané, A. Marty, P. Warin, and Y. Samson, Phys. Rev. B 77, 060401 (2008).
“Tailoring magnetism in CoNi films with perpendicular anisotropy by ion irradiation”, D. Stanescu, D. Ravelosona, V. Mathet, C. Chappert, Y. Samson, C. Beigné, N. Vernier, J. Ferré, J. Gierak, E. Bouhris, and E. E. Fullerton, J. Appl. Phys. 103, 07B529 (2008).
“Antiferromagnetic exchange coupling measurements on single Co clusters”, C. Portemont, R. Morel, W. Wernsdorfer, D. Mailly, A. Brenac, and L. Notin, Phys. Rev. B78, 144415 (2008).
“Multiscale method for Heisenberg spin simulations”, T. Jourdan, A. Marty, and F. Lancon, Phys. Rev. B 77, 224428 (2008).
“Atomic structure of Mn-rich nanocolumns probed by x-ray absortion spectroscopy “, M. Rovezzi, T. Devillers, E. Arras, F. d’Acapito, A. Barski, M. Jamet, and P. Pochet, Appl. Phys. Lett. 92, 242510 (2008).
“From diluted magnetic semiconductors to self-organized nanocolumns of GeMn in germanium”, S. Tardif, I.-S. Yu, T. Devillers, M. Jamet, S. Cherifi, J. Cibert, A. Barski, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, and E. Bellet-Amalric, SPIE Optics&Photonics Symposium, San-Diego, United States (2008).
“Epitaxial growth of Mn5Ge3/Ge(111) heterostructures for spin injection”, S. Olive-Mendez, A. Spiesser, L. A. Michez, V. Le Thanh, A. Glachant, J. Derrien, T. Devillers, A. Barski, and M. Jamet, Thin Solid Films 517, 191 (2008).
“Back-illuminated CCD for coherent soft X-ray imaging“, G. Beutier, G. van der Laan, A. Marty et al., European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 42, 161 (2008).
boulle.gif 2007:

“Magnetic anisotropy in icosahedral cobalt clusters”
R. Morel_, A. Brenac, C. Portemont, T. Deutsch, L. Notin
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 308, 396 (2007)
“Magnetic domain replication in interacting bilayers with out-of-plane anisotropy: Application to Co/Pt multilayers”
V. Baltz, A. Marty, B. Rodmacq, B. Dieny
Physical Review B 75, 014406 (2007)
“Pinning of magnetic domain walls to structural defects in thin layers within a Heisenberg-type model”
T. Jourdan, F. Lancon, A. Marty
Physical Review B 75, 094422 (2007)
Electric fieldinduced modification of magnetism in thin-film ferromagnets”
M. Weisheit,S. Fähler,A. Marty,Y. Souche, C. Poinsignon,D. Givord
Science 315, 349 (2007)
« Core–shell structure of chemically synthesised FePt nanoparticles: a comparative study”
M. Delalande, P. R. Marcoux, P. Reiss, Y. Samson
Journal of Material Chemistry 17, 1579 (2007)
boulle.gif 2006:
“Domain State and Exchange Coupling in MnPt with Co Clusters”
R. Morel,C. Portemont, A. Brenac, L. Notin
Physical Review Letters 97, 127203 (2006)
“Exchange bias between cobalt clusters and oxide thin films”
C. Portemont, R. MorelA. Brenac, L. Notin
Journal of Applied Physics 100, 033907 (2006)
“Thermally activated depinning of a narrow domain wall from a single defect”
J.P. Attane, D. Ravelosona, A. Marty, Y. Samson, C. Chappert
Physical Review Letters 96, 147204 (2006)
“Antiferromagnetic relaxation and induced anisotropy in Fe/twinned PtMn bilayers”
A. Mougin, J. Borme, R. L. Stamps, A. Marty, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, Y. Samson, J. Ferré
Physical Review B 73, 024401 (2006)
“High-Curie-temperature ferromagnetism in self-organized Ge1-xMnx nanocolumns”
M. Jamet, A. Barski, T. Devillers, V. Poydenot, R. Dujardin, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, J. Rothman, E. Bellet-amalric, A. Marty, J. Cibert, R. Mattana, S. Tatarenko
Nature Materials 5, 653–659 (2006)

boulle.gif 2005:

“Characterization of FePd bilayers and trilayers using soft x-ray resonant magnetic scattering and micromagnetic modelling”
G. Beutier, G.
van-der-Laan, K. Chesnel, A. Marty, M. Belakhovsky, S.P..Collins, E. Dudzik, J.C. Toussaint
Physical Review B 71, 184436 (2005)

boulle.gif 2004:

« Magnetic domain wall propagation unto the percolation threshold across a pseudo rectangular disordered lattice”
J.P. Attané, Y. Samson, A. Marty, J.C. Toussaint, G. Dubois, A. Mougin, J.P. Jamet
Physical Review Letters 93, 257203 (2004)
“Chemical ordering and the selection of the mechanism for strain relaxation in epitaxial FePd(Pt) thin layers”
D. Halley, A. Marty, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, B. Gilles, J.P. Attané, Y. Samson
Physical Review B 70, 174438 (2004)
Chemical ordering in magnetic FePd/Pd(001) epitaxial thin films induced by annealing
D. Halley, B. Gilles, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, R. Arenal, A. Marty, G. Patrat,Y. Samson
Physical Review B 70, 174437 (2004)
« Tailoring magnetism by light ion irradiation »
J. Fassbender, D. Ravelosona, Y. Samson
Article de revue
Journal of Physics D – Applied Physics 37, R179-R196 (2004)
“Electrical probe storage in Phase Change Media”
S. Gidon, O. Lemonnier B. Rolland, O. Bichet, C. Dressler, Y. Samson
Applied Physics Letters 85, 6392 (2004)
“Local Characterization and Transformation of Phase-Change Media by Scanning Thermal Probes"
O. Bichet, C. D. Wright, Y. Samson, S. Gidon
Journal of Applied Physics 95, 2360 (2004)
”Exchange bias and coercivity in oxygen exposed cobalt clusters”
R. Morel, A. Brenac, C. Portemont
Journal of Applied Physics 95, 3757-60 (2004)
« Hysteresis effect in FePd magnetic stripes studied by magnetic speckles in coherent soft x-ray resonant scattering”
K. Chesnel, G. van der Laan, M. Belakhovsky, F. Livet, A. Marty, S.P. Collins and A. Haznar
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 11, 469-475 (2004)
“Tracking the local reversal processes in nanostructures by magnetic speckles”
Chesnel, K,. Belakhovsky, M. van der Laan, G., Livet, F., Marty, A., Beutier, G., Collins, S.P., Haznar, A.
Physical Review B 70, 180402 (2004)
“Inelastic neutron scattering and migration energies in FePd
T. Mehaddene, M. Zemirli , V. Pierron-Bohnes, M.C. Cadeville, B. Hennion, A. Marty, I. Schuster, K. Tanaka, H. Numakura
Catalysis Today 89, 313–318 (2004)
“Lattice dynamics and migration enthalpies in CoPt3 and FePd
T. Mehaddene, E. Kentzinger, B. Hennion, K. Tanaka, H. Numakura, A. Marty, V. Parasote, M. C. Cadeville, M. Zemirli, and V. Pierron-Bohnes
Physical Review B 69, 024304 (2004)

“Soft x-ray resonant magnetic scattering from Fe Pd thin films : a study of the micromagnetic components”
G. Beutier, A. Marty, K. Chesnel, M. Belakhovsky, J.C. Toussaint, B. Gilles, G. Van der Laan, S.P. Collins, E. Dudzik
Physica B, 345, 143 (2004)
Actes de: conférence PNSXM, du 04 au 8 août 2003, Venise (Italie)

“Polarization effects in x-ray resonant magnetic scattering patterns from striped FePd films”
K. Chesnel, M. Belakhovsky, A. Marty, G. Beutier, G. van der Laan, S.P. Collins
Physica B, 345, 148 (2004)
Actes de:conférence PNSXM, du 04 au 8 août 2003, Venise (Italie)

“Stripe domains nucleation observed by X-ray magnetic scattering: temperature variation of exchange and anisotropy”
M. Mulazzi , K. Chesnel , A. Marty , G. Asti , M. Ghidini , M. Solzi , M. Belakhovsky , N. Jaouen , J. M. Tonnerre and F. Sirotti
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 895, 272-276 (2004)
Actes de: conférence ICM du 27 juillet au 8 août 2003, Rome (Italie)

boulle.gif 2003:
Ordering intermetallic alloys by ion irradiation: a new way to tailor magnetic media
H. Bernas, J. P. Attané, K-H. Heinig, D. Halley, A. Marty, P. Auric, D. Ravelosona, C. Chappert, Y. Samson
Physical Review Letters 91, 077203 (2003)
« Flux closure domains and demagnetizing energy determination in sub-micron magnetic dots »
P.O Jubert, J.C. Toussaint, O. Fruchart, C. Meyer, Y. Samson
Europhysics Letters 63, 135 (2003)
« Growth and properties of cobalt clusters made by sputtering gas-aggregation
R. Morel, A. Brenac, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, C. Portemont, F. La Rizza
European Physical Journal D 24, 287 (2003)
Actes de: 11th International Symposium on Small Particles and Inorganic Clusters. 9 au 13 Septembre 2002, Strasbourg
boulle.gif 2002
« Individual domain wall resistance as a probe of magnetization reversal in submicron ferromagnétic structures »
R. Danneau, P. Warin, J. P. Attané, I. Petej, C. Beigné, C. Fermon, O. Klein, A. Marty,F. Ott, Y. Samson, M. Viret
Physical Review Letters 88, 157201 (2002)
“Anomaly of strain relaxation in thin ordered FePd layers”
D. Halley, Y. Samson, A. Marty, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, C. Beigné, B. Gilles, J.E. Mazille
Physical Review B 65, 205408 (2002)
“Soft x-ray magnetic speckes from a nanostructured FePd wire”
K. Chesnel, M. Belakhovsky, F. Livet, S.P. Collins, G. van der Laan, S.S Dhesi, J.P. Attané, A. Marty
Physical Review B 66, 172404 (2002)
« Ferromagnetic resonance spectra in a weak stripe domain structure”
N. Vukadinovic, M. Labrune, J.B. Youssef, A. Marty, J.C. Toussaint, H. Le-Gall
Physical Review B 65, 054403 (2002)
“Modeling of the current lines in discontinuous metal/insulator multilayers”
F. Ernult, L. Giacomoni, A. Marty, B. Dieny, A. Vedyayev, N. Ryzhanova
European Physical Journal B 25, 177-89 (2002)
“L10 ordering at different stages of Fe0.5/Pd0.5 epitaxial growth”
D. Halley, P. Auric, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, B. Gilles, A. Marty, D. Jalabert
Journal of Applied Physics 91, 9757-63 (2002)
“Chemical ordering at low temperature in FePd films
D. Ravelosona, C. Chappert, H. Bernas, D. Halley, Y. Samson, A. Marty
Journal of Applied Physics 91, 8082 (2002)
Actes de:46th Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Seattle (USA), 06 au 12 novembre 2001
“Microstructural analysis of Au/Ni multilayers interfaces by SAXS and STM”
S. Labat, C. Guichet, O. Thomas, B. Gilles, A. Marty
Applied Surface Science 188, 182 (2002)
Actes de: European Materials Research Society 2001, 5-8 juin 2001, Strasbourg (France)
“A new technique for ferromagnetic resonance calculations”
J.C. Toussaint, A. Marty, N. Vukadinovic, J.B. Youssef, M. Labrune
Computational Materials Science 24, 175-80 (2002)
Actes de: European Materials Research Society 2001, 5-8 juin 2001, Strasbourg (France)
“Local current measurments of an insulating layer using an UHV atomic force microscope in contact mode”
B. Gilles, F. Fettar, J.C. Pillet, A. Marty, F. Ernult, S. Monso, B. Dieny
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 242–245, 1261–1263 (2002)
“A new technique for ferromagnetic resonance calculations”
A. Marty, J.C. Toussaint, N. Vukadinovic, J. Ben Youssef, M. Labrune
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 242–245, 1038–1040 (2002)
Actes de: conférence JEMS’O1, 28 août au 1er septembre 2001, Grenoble (France)
boulle.gif 2001
« Surface morphology and chemical order in FePd/Pd(001) thin layers »
D. Halley, Y. Samson, A. Marty, B. Gilles, C. Beigné
Surface Science 481/1-3, 25 (2001)
“Domain wall pinning on strain relaxation defects in FePt(001)/Pt thin films”
J.P. Attane, Y. Samson, A. Marty, D. Halley, C. Beigné
Applied Physics Letters 79, 794 (2001)
« Magnetic domain configurations in exchange-coupled NiO / Co bilayer films »
M. Cartier, S. Auffret, Y. Samson, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, B. Dieny
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 223, 63 (2001)
« Magnetization process in FePd thin films between 0 and 1Tesla»
O. Klein, Y. Samson, A. Marty, S. Guillous, M. Viret, C. Fermon, H. Alloul
Journal of Applied Physics 89, 6781 (2001)
Actes de : 45th Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, San Jose (USA), 07 au 11 janvier 2001
« Magnetisation reversal in magnetic nanostructures induced by irradiation »
D. Ravelosona, T. Devolder, H. Bernas, C. Chappert, V. Mathet, D. Halley, Y. Samson, B. Gilles, A. Marty
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 37, 1643 (2001)
Actes de : 45th Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, San Jose (USA), 07 au 11 janvier 2001
« Ferromagnetic metals on II-VI semiconductors: epitaxial growth, and structural and magnetic properties »
C. Bourgognon, S. Tatarenko, J. Cibert, H. Boukari, V.H. Etgens, L. Carbonell, B. Gilles, A. Marty, Y. Samson
Journal of Crystal Growth 227-228, 893 (2001)
Actes de: Eleventh International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Beijing (Chine), 11-15 septembre 2000
« Angular distribution of molecular beams and homogeneous layer growth: optimization of geometrical parameters in molecular beam Epitaxy”
J.L. Vassent, A. Marty, B. Gilles, C. Chatillon
Vacuum 64, 65-85 (2001)
“High resolution measurement and modelling of magnetic domain structures in epitaxial FePd(001) L1/sub 0/ films with perpendicular magnetisation”
P.R. Aitchinson, J.N. Chapman, V. Gehanno, I.S. Weir, M.R. Scheinfein, S. Mc Vitie, A. Marty
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 223, 138-46 (2001)
“On the stability of (001) Au/Ni artificially modulated structures grown by MBE
G. Abadias, I. Schuster, A. Marty, B. Gilles, T. Deutsch
Journal of Crystal Growth 222, 685-91 (2001)
« Magnetocrystalline anisotropy in FePd alloys studied using transverse X-ray magnetic circular dichroism »
S.S. Dhesi, G. Van des Laan, H.A. Durr, M. Belakhovsky, S. Marchesini, P. Kamp, A. Marty, B. Gilles, A. Rogalev,
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 226, 1580 (2001)
Actes de : International Conference on Magnetism (ICM 2000). 6 au 11 août 2000, Recife (Brésil)
“A relation between the Au-surfactant effect and the chemical mixing during the epitaxial growth of Ni on Au(001)”
G. Abadias, B. Gilles, A. Marty
Applied Surface Science 177, 273 (2001)
Actes de : Surface Science Approach to Stress and Strain in Epitaxy, 1er au 7 octobre 2000, Ile de Porquerolles (France)

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