Head: Lionel DUBAND
The field of competences of SBT relates to the cryotechnology in a broad range of temperatures since a few hundred millikelvins until approximately 100 K Our programs relate mainly to the placement of superfluid helium applied to installations of big size, cryogenics associated with thermonuclear ... More »
Head : Francois RIEUTORD Deputy Head : Thierry DEUTSCH
The MEM laboratory  offers a unique and coherent set of techniques for material exploration. It is able to to provide comprehensive and concrete answers to materials or processes problems. The MEM laboratory  gathers different teams of INAC whose thematic area   is around one ... More »
Head : Frederic CHANDEZON - Deputies Head : Yoann Roupioz et Thierry Douki
The Symmes laboratory aims to develop basic research on themes with strong societal issue: zero-carbon energy, information and communications technology (ICT), biotechnology and human health. To do this, the Symmes explores the design, synthesis and study of architectures and innovative and ... More »
Head : Jean-Michel GERARD - Deputy Head : Jean-Pascal BRISON
The laboratory for Quantum Photonics, Electronics and Engineering (PHELIQS) is a joint research unit of CEA and of the Grenoble Alpes University (UGA). PHELIQS consists of five teams, gathering altogether a permanent staff around 60 (researchers, university professors, technical and administrative ... More »
Head: Lucian Prejbeanu
SPINTEC is a Research Laboratory which goal is to bridge fundamental research and advanced technology towards new paradigms / devices in the emerging field of spin electronics. Spintec web site: www.spintec.fr


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