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SELECT a.*, b.type, b.id_unit, c.localisation, d.nom_centre, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,"%d/%m/%Y à %Hh%i ") as Date, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,"%a, %b %D, %Y - %H:%i ") AS Date_en, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,"Du %d/%m/%Y ") as date_debut, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,"%a, %b %d, %Y ") as date_debut_en, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,'%Y-%m-%d') as dateS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,'%Y') as anneeS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,'%m') as moiS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,'%d') as jourS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,'%w') as Jour, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,'%H') as heureS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,'%Hh%i') as heure, DATE_FORMAT(a.date,'%i') as minS, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(a.date) as dateTimestamp, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,'%Y-%m-%d') as dateFS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,"au %d/%m/%Y ") as date_fin, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,'to %a, %b %d, %Y ') as date_fin_en, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,'%a, %b %d, %Y - %H:%i ') as DateF_en, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,'%Y') as anneeFS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,'%m') as moiFS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,'%d') as jourFS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,'%H') as heureFS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,'%i') as minFS, DATE_FORMAT(a.date_initiale,'%Hh%i') as heureF, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(a.date_initiale) as dateTimestampF, b.jour_seminaire as jourDef, TIME_FORMAT(b.heure_seminaire,'%Hh%i') as heureDef, b.id_localisation_seminaire as locDef FROM tbl_seminaires a, tbl_seminaires_description b, tbl_localisation c, tbl_centre d WHERE a.publiable LIKE 'oui' AND a.serveur LIKE '%2%' AND (a.id_type=27 OR a.id_type=28 OR a.id_type=20 OR a.id_type=21 OR a.id_type=23 OR a.id_type=36 OR a.id_type=22 OR a.id_type=18 OR a.id_type=3 OR a.id_type=26 OR a.id_type=2 OR a.id_type=1 OR a.id_type=37 OR a.id_type=29 OR a.id_type=19 OR a.id_type=9 OR a.id_type=32 OR a.id_type=33 OR a.id_type=35 OR a.id_type=34 OR a.id_type=8 OR a.id_type=10 OR a.id_type=15) AND a.id_type = b.id_type AND a.id_localisation = c.id_localisation AND c.id_centre = d.id_centre AND (a.date like '%2018-06-11%' OR a.date_initiale like '%2018-06-11%' OR a.date_initiale >= NOW() ) ORDER By a.date asc

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