CPTG : "Journée Théorie" le 18 avril 2013 à Annecy  

The Centre de Physique Théorique de Grenoble (CPTG) invites you to its 5th "Journées Théorie" and the 1st in Annecy!
Please find the detailed program with the list of presentations below.
Registration until March 31 on the website:


Date: April 18, 2013
Place: LAPTH, Annecy (For the participants from Grenoble, we will organize the transport by bus.)


8 am Departure bus Grenoble - Annecy
9:30 am – 10am Coffee break
10 am – 12:30pm Session: « Phase Transitions »
12:30 pm – 2pm Lunch
2 pm – 2:45pm Round Table : Graduate Studies
3 pm – 4pm Session: « Astroparticle Physics I »
4 pm – 4:30pm Coffee break
4:30 pm – 6pm Session: « Astroparticle Physics II »
6:15 pm Departure bus Annecy – Grenoble


Phase transitions
Jean-Louis BARRAT - Theories of the glass transition
Patrick BRUNO - Mapping quantum spins onto a Majorana star
Manuel HOUZET - Topological phases and surface states: Realizing Majorana fermions in hybrid superconducting systems
Arnaud RALKO - Statistical transmutation in doped quantum dimers


Astroparticle physics
Julien LESGOURGUES - Quantitative tools in cosmology: the case of CMB and neutrinos
Aurélien BARRAU - Some Cosmological Predictions of Loop Quantum Gravity
David MAURIN - Open issues in cosmic ray astrophysics and indirect dark matter searches
Andreas GOUDELIS - On Particle Dark Matter Candidates (link Higgs/DM)


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