6 Excellence Research Fellowships for Energy and Information Technologies in Grenoble and Paris-Saclay  

The Division of Technological Research and the Division of Physical Science of CEA are preeminent players in the European Research Area for renewable energies and information technologies.

In order to sustain its new FlagShip Program in these areas, CEA invites applications for 6 Excellence Research Fellowships on Nano Electronics and Photonics, Renewable Energies and Advanced functional materials. This program will provide collaborative working with renowned staff and research opportunities in state of the art facilities for senior scientists strongly motivated by working at the forefront research in any of the following topics:

Qualifications of candidates

The applicants should hold a PhD in physics, chemistry or engineering, acquired in first class universities or research institutes with experience related to the different topics of the program. The working language is English and knowledge of French language is not necessary. 


Location and research environment

The host Institutes are located in Grenoble and Paris-Saclay. They provide an international research environment with well renowned and dynamic teams as well as state of the art facilities for technologies, analysis and computing facilities.



Partial time (with a minimum of 3 months per year ) or full time (with maximum of 18 months) senior fellowships will be proposed.



Applicants should select one or more topics of the Flagship program and send by email to the contacts listed above, their curriculum vitae with a statement of their interest and relevant work. The positions are open until they filled by appropriate candidates. Applicants are selected in a competitive process. 


Announcement in Word format: 1-Annonce_prg_Phare-Excellence.docx (488 Ko)

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