Superconductor-Insulator Transition Workshop - February 2014   

We are organizing a workshop on strongly disordered superconductors and the superconductor-insulator transition. This field has had steady progress over the last years, where advances in experiment and theory go hand in hand, and the demand for a better understanding is also fed from an application point of view. In this workshop we would like to get together the leading experts in this field, both experimentalists and theorists, to bring together new insights and define future directions.

The workshop will take place in Villard de Lans, near Grenoble (France), from Sunday evening February 9th to Friday morning February 14th. The website of the conference can be found here, including a list of invited speakers:

Our aim is to cover the following subjects:
1. Cooper-pair insulators
2. Many-body localization of bosonic systems
3. Spectral properties and pseudogap state
4. Strongly disordered nanowires and quantum phase slips
5. High frequency properties of strongly disordered superconductors
6. New hybrid and gate-tunable systems
7. Superconducting fluctuations


The workshop is now open for registration, and we are accepting abstracts for contributed talks and posters. The number of contributed talks is very limited, so to assure consideration of your abstract, we urge you to send an abstract before December 15th, 2013.

Abstracts can be submitted by e-mail to .


We currently offer 3 different workshop fees:


    1. Regular participant, at 650 euros, including all nights and meals
    2. Student participant, at 500 euros, including all nights and meals, in shared rooms (2 students per room)
    3. Day participant, at 300 euros, including the day program (including meals) Monday to Friday, without hotel and Sunday evening program.


Pre-registration for the workshop can be done online at
After sending the form, and our confirmation, you'll receive an email directing you to the final registration and payment site.


The organizing committee:

Vincent Bouchiat – CNRS Grenoble
Claude Chapelier – CEA Grenoble
Eduard Driessen – CEA Grenoble
Julia Meyer – Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
Yuli Nazarov – Delft University of Technology
Benjamin Sacépé – CNRS Grenoble

C. Chapelier, 2013-11-19


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