International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems   


SCES 2014 will be held in Grenoble at the University Campus in Saint Martin d’Hères from July 7 to 14, 2014.
Following the long history and continuity of SCES the conference in Grenoble will cover a wide range of subjects in the diverse field of strongly correlated electron systems. SCES emphasizes the fundamental physics of strongly correlated electron systems that span from bulk materials including f-electron based heavy fermions, d-electron based compounds, organic materials, oxides, oxide heterostructures, and new topological insulators or superconductors.

The main topics that will be featured in SCES 2014 are :
- Heavy fermion physics
- 0xides physics
- Heterostructures
- Quantum criticality
- Fermi surface studies
- Exotic ordering
- Unconventional superconductivity
- Multiferroics
- Skyrmions
- Topological insulators and related aspects
- Frustration, quantum magnetism
- New materials
- Other related materials

Chair J. Flouquet
Co-Chair G. Lander
Secretary G. Knebel
Treasurer D. Braithwaite
Chair programme A. Georges; K. Behnia


Invited speakers: Invited_Speakers.pdf (57 Ko)

G. Knebel, 2014-02-21


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