Post-doc position on Quantum Transport in Resistive Memories   

A 12-month (possibly extendable to 24-month) post-doc position is open at CEA/INAC, in strong relationship with CEA/LETI on:

Quantum Transport at Very Low Temperatures in Resistive Memories

Applications are awaited as of now.

Summary: Quantum effects observed at low temperature in low dimensional conductors are now well understood: conductance quantum, universal quantum fluctuations, weak localization effects, Coulomb blockade, multiple Andreev reflexions at normal/superconducting interfaces... They can even be used as the signature of physical singularities controlling electrical transport (tunnel or point contact, 1D filament...). This idea is the cornerstone of a new approach we want to use in order to shed light on the question of variability observed in nano-devices used as resistive memories (RRAM). This will be done both in "standard" dielectric RRAM, and in a new generation based on strongly correlated electron materials: Mott insulators.

Full description : PostDocOxMott-FR-EN.pdf (32 Ko)

J. Brison, 2015-12-18


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