2016 LANEF PhD program   


The Laboratory of Nanosciences and Energy of the Future (LANEF) is launching the Spring 2016 edition of its PhD Program. Information about the program and the application are available HERE. The deadline is April 4 - 11:59am

LANEF PhD Program is a three year program to support PhD training of excellent students.  The thesis will be prepared in one of the five laboratories (NEEL, INAC, G2ELab, LNCMI and LPMMC) on a topic related to one or several of the following fields:

  • Photonics and semiconductors
  • Spintronics and nanomagnetism
  • Quantum nanoelectronics
  • Breakthroughs for electrical energy
  • Advanced superconductivity
  • New frontiers in cryogenics
  • Nanosensors and nanomaterials for health and biology
  • Theoretical and Computational Physics.

How to apply

Candidates are invited to visit the LANEF’s webpage dedicated to the “PhD Program”: http://www.grenoble-lanef.fr/spip.php?article66 to find guidelines for application and contacts. The application form template is to be downloaded from that webpage and upload on our online application webpage by 2016, April 4 - 11:59am.


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