First edition of the “Rencontres des Jeunes Physiciens Édition grenobloise”  


This event consists of a meeting of young researchers working in an area of physics or on a physics-related topic (PhD students as well as post-doctoral fellows) in Grenoble. It will take place on April 15th 2016 in the premises of Cowork (close to the tram stop Chavant).
Consistent with the typical format of a colloquium, the meeting will involve the following:

   -  an invited talk given by a renowned physicist,
   - three oral sessions, each of these lasting 1h30mn,
   - a poster session parallel to  the lunch buffet, with posters being displayed until early evening,
   - and the awarding of prizes at the end of the day.

Aside from the invited talk, all presentations will be done by non-permanents (the use of English during presentations is preferred) in front of non-permanents. Therefore, despite the similarities of its format with a regular conference, this meeting will be less formal. Presentations should focus on a style that is accessible to a diverse group of scientists, therefore the educational aspect of the presentation will be of high importance. Indeed, the contributors will present their work to an audience of non-specialists. In order to be able to index and evaluate all abstracts properly, please use the template (which can be found on the web page of the event) to write your document. The clarity and educational aspect of the submitted abstracts will be of utmost importance for the attribution of an oral presentation; as for the posters, these criteria remain in the foreground, even if the goal of this meeting is that everyone has the possibility to present her/his work.

Attending the event is free within the limit of the number of places available. The abstract submission is done during registration online (see template on the web site for the abstract) before March 13th; registration will close on April 3rd at 11:59pm.

Click here to register:
More information can be found on the website:
If you have any questions, please let us know at:

The organizing committee:

   - Ketty Beauvois (ILL, Institut Néel, CNRS-Univ, Grenoble Alpes)
   - Karim Ferhat (Institut Néel, CNRS-Univ, Grenoble Alpes)
   - Clément Godfrin (Institut Néel, CNRS-Univ, Grenoble Alpes)
   - Alexis Mauray (LRP, CNRS-Univ. Grenoble Alpes)
   - Janina Moereke (LETI, CEA)
   - Alexis Wartelle (Institut Néel, CNRS-Univ, Grenoble Alpes)

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