12-month postdoc position opening at SYMMES on "Nanostructure of ionomers developed for hydrogen fuel cells investigated by scattering techniques"  
A 12 months post-doctoral position is offered in the framework of the international ANR project NSPEM, between CEA, LEPMI and University of Simon Fraser Vancouver (Canada), dedicated to the development and characterization of fuel cells based on block copolymer electrolytes. This project aims at providing in-depth structural characterization of the electrolyte used both as proton-conducting membrane and ionomer in the catalytic layers by means of lab thermal/mechanical characterizations coupled to structural investigation by means of X-rays and neutron scattering experiments.



See details in the attached file: Postdoc_CEA-INAC_Ionomers-in-fuel-cells_Lyonnard.pdf (253 Ko)

Candidate profile:

The post doctorate fellow will be in charge of characterizing the physical properties of the newly developed ionomers by means of lab techniques (Conductivity, DSC, Sorption, DMA…) and neutron/X-rays scattering techniques. He/she will design and perform the scattering experiments using X-rays lab-spectrometers or the world-class Large Scale facilities (ILL, ESRF, SOLEIL), and analyze/interpret the data. He will interact with the physicists/chemists of the French partners (CEA-INAC and LEPMI), and the Canadian experts in electrochemistry and fuel cell testing. The candidate should have a solid experience of scattering techniques (neutrons and/or X-rays, spectroscopy and/or small angle techniques) and data modeling (capabilities to develop/code specific data treatment programs and handle fitting of data batches would be highly appreciated). Scientific backgrounds in soft matter and/or nanomaterials would be an excellent basis. Good communication skills will be also important to allow the synergy between the various actors involved in the project.

Link to the ANR project NSPEM: ANR-16-CE05-0016

S. Lyonnard, 2018-06-01 00:00:00


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