SPrAM/CREAB's CLEF makes Small's cover   
imgThe article Contactless Electrofunctionalization of a Single Pore, co-authored by SPrAM/CREAB and iRTSV makes the internal cover of Small last issue. The cover picture illustrates an innovative functionalization technique, referred to as contactless electrofunctionalization (CLEF). The inner surface of a pore etched in a dielectric membrane can be easily coated in a single step and in physiologically compatible conditions. Localized deposition of polypyrrole copolymers bearing oligonucleotides, as well as metallic oxides, are experimentally demonstrated. Both are selectively deposited on the pore wall with no additional deposition onto the dielectric membrane. CLEF thus constitutes a significant improvement over classically used surface-modification techniques. Its high efficiency makes it a promising technique, particularly for biosensor applications. A patent has been filed by CEA.
pmailley, 2009-10-19


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