The resonant supercurrent transistor makes the cover of Nature Nanotechnology   


The paper by Georgios Katsaros et al. Hybrid superconductor–semiconductor devices made from self-assembled SiGe nanocrystals on silicon, makes the cover of the last issue of Nature Nanotechnology.

This work, co-signed by INAC/SPSMS, IFW Dresden, Léti and Institut Néel, deals with electronic transport in SiGe self-assembled nanocrystals, individually connected to aluminum leads. At very low temperature, a hybrid superconductor-semiconductor device is realized, in which a resonant supercurrent is observed, i.e. the tunnelling of Copper pairs through the nanocrystal for some values of the grid voltage.

The cover shows a d2I/dV2 map for a transistor made of SiGe nanocrystal and superconducting aluminum leads. High contrast lines trace the position of the discrete energy levels of the system as a function of voltage (vertical) and magnetic field (horizontal). The oval contrastless area in the middle testifies for the opening of a superconducting gap.

jplanes, 2010-06-08


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