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The Grenoble, Paris and Strasbourg’s communities of chemists/biologists, physicists, and devices specialists are organizing the fifth edition of the international conference "ElecMol10" at the MINATEC House from Dec. 6th to Dec. 10th, 2010.

Following the recent progresses, receiving the most influential researchers, and gathering French and international key players of the molecular, organic and hybrid inorganic / organic (opto)electronic research areas are the main objectives of this international conference which also aims at triggering and catalyzing collaborations among academic researchers and devices-oriented specialists with different backgrounds.

Continuing the rise of this international event supported by INAC, ElecMol10 targets an audience of 300-350 participants over a period of 5 days during week 49 of 2010 in Grenoble.

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P. Rannou, 2010-09-15


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