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18-month postdoc position opening at PHELIQS on "Extreme conditions instrumentation and studies"

12-month postdoc position opening at SYMMES on "Nanostructure of ionomers developed for hydrogen fuel cells investigated by scattering techniques"

2-year postdoctoral position: Modeling silicon-on-insulator quantum bits

2-year postdoctoral position: Nano-silicon/graphene composites for high energy density lithium-ion batteries

3-year postdoctoral position: In situ synchrotron X-ray monitoring of the growth of defect-free two-dimensional materials by liquid-metal catalytic routes

2 years postdoc position opening at SPINTEC in the framework of the H2020 EU FET-OPEN SPICE (2017-2020) project on "Development of optically sensitive storage layer materials to be integrated in magnetic tunnel junctions"

12-month postdoctoral position: Graphene/2D layer transfer technologies

21-month postdoctoral position: Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) of Functional Block Copolymers: Multiscale structure/property correlations

24-month postdoctoral position: Response of entanglement in many-body systems

12-month postdoctoral position: Theory of novel mesoscopic quantum devices for quantum technology

18-month postdoctoral position: Magnetically actuated metamaterials for biotechnology applications

Postdoc (18m) : Investigation of the ageing mechanisms in Silicon-based Lithium-ion batteries by coupling in situ and operando scattering techniques with electrochemical characterizations

Post-doc position on Quantum Transport in Resistive Memories

12-month post doctoral position in cryogenic turbulence

Elaboration et étude des propriétés structurales et thermoélectriques de nanomatériaux compatibles avec la technologie silicium

24-month postdoc position available at the Nanostructures and Magnetism Laboratory

Post-Doctoral Fellow (m/f) for the upgrade of the In Situ Nanostructures instrument

Carbon nanomembranes handling and HF characterization for MEMS

6 Excellence Research Fellowships for Energy and Information Technologies in Grenoble and Paris-Saclay

15 Postdoctoral Fellowships for Energy and Information Technologies in Grenoble and Paris-Saclay

Post-doc: Nanomagnetism and Spintronics with Semiconductors

PostDoc Position in Graphene technology

Post-Doc positions available at CEA Grenoble on DNA based-Nanotechnologies

PostDoc Position in Graphene technology

Business development engineer at LANEF


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