Interaction effects on noise in nanojunctions
Tomáš NOVOTNÝ (Université de Prague)
Tue, Dec. 14th 2010, 16:00
Bât. E, Salle Louis Weil, 3ème étage, Institut Néel

In my talk I will present some aspects of current noise studies in interacting nanostructures largely motivated by undergoing experimental works. After the introduction of the charge counting statistics and noise and demonstration of their utility in various physical contexts, I will address two specific examples in complementary transport regimes.
In particular, I will first discuss the inelastic effects on noise in atomic wires/molecular junctions close to the ballistic limit calculated perturbatively via an extended non-equilibrium Green's function method and analyze both the inelastic threshold features as well as large voltage asymptotics of the result as functions of various junction parameters.
As the second example I will show by the generalized master equation approach the presence of strong quantum memory effects in transport through strongly-interacting quantum dots in the Fermi-edge-singularity setup.
Finally, I will make connections of these results to the preliminary experimental data available. 

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