Exciton Diffusion and Charge Transport Measurements of Organic Solar Cell Materials
Pr. Ifor Samuel - Univ. Saint-Andrews, Royaume Uni
Thu, Oct. 25th 2012, 11:00
Bât. C5 P.421A, CEA-Grenoble

Organic semiconductors are of growing importance as optoelectronic materials with a wide range of applications including displays, lighting, solar cells, lasers and sensing. This talk will introduce the materials and give a brief overview of work in these fields at the Organic Semiconductor Centre. It will then focus on two key aspects of organic solar cell materials and devices: the measurement of exciton diffusion, and the measurement of charge transport. Exciton diffusion is relatively little studied, due in part to a lack of well-established reliable measurement techniques for it. The talk will describe our work to address this issue by developing a range of ways of using time-resolved fluorescence to measure exciton diffusion. Charge transport is also a very important aspect of the development of organic solar cell materials, and can be measured by the time-of-flight technique. Results comparing charge mobility in one and two-dimensional molecular structures, together with a novel solution-processed Ge-cruciform solar cell material will be presented.


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