Parity-Protected Josephson Qubits
Michael Gershenson - Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University, New Jersey
Tue, Jul. 12th 2016, 15:00-16:00
Bât. K, Salle R. Lemaire (K223), Institut Néel

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I will discuss two types of protected qubits that decouple logical states from the environment by encoding them in a parity of a large number.  The first type, the so-called charge-pairing qubit, represents a chain of two Josephson elements characterized by the π periodicity of the phase dependence of their Josephson energy E_J cos(2φ) (the so-called Josephson rhombi [1]).  The second type, the flux-pairing qubit, consists of a 4π periodic Josephson element (a Cooper pair box with the charge e on the central island) shunted by a superinductor [2].  The lowest-energy quantum states of the charge-pairing qubit are encoded in the parity of Cooper pairs on a superconducting island flanked by the Josephson rhombi. The flux-pairing qubit encodes its quantum states in the parity of magnetic flux quanta in a superconducting loop.  The design of these devices enforces, respectively, charge- and flux-pairing, prohibits the mixing of lowest-energy quantum states, and protects the qubits from both the decay and dephasing.  We have fabricated the prototypes of these qubits and studied the low-energy excitations in these devices [3,4]  For the charge-pairing devices, we observed a 100-fold increase of the decay time T1 (up to 100 s) in comparison with the unprotected state of the same qubit [3].


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