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• Physical chemistry and electrochemistry


Quantum dots connected to silver nanoparticles as redox photocatalysts working with visible light


Research field : Physical chemistry and electrochemistry
Location :

SYstèmes Moléculaires et nanoMatériaux pour l’Energie et la Santé (SyMMES)

Conception d’architectures moléculaires et processus électroniques (CAMPE)


Contact :

Vincent MAUREL

Jean-Marie MOUESCA

Starting date : 01-10-2018

Contact :

Vincent MAUREL


04 38 78 35 98

Thesis supervisor :

Jean-Marie MOUESCA


04 38 78 30 13

In this project we propose to investigate a new class of photocatalysts based on colloidal quantum dots that are expected to be i/ efficient with visible light and iii/ able to photocatalyze redox reactions in smooth conditions, as shown by a recent study in our laboratory.

The PhD project will consist in two mains parts. First, some well-known quantum dots systems (CdS, CdSe, ZnSe, ...) will be investigated as redox photocatalysts for new radicalar reactions recently developped for fine organic synthesis.

Second the PhD student will developp and new controlled size connection’s of quantum dots with silver nanoparticles by a click chemistry approach (Huisgen cycloaddition of azides and alkynes). Such assemblies quantum dots/ silver nanoparticles will promote the electron/hole separation by electron transfer from the quantum dots to the silver nanoparticles and should enable us to improve the efficiency of quantum dots based photocatalytic systems.


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