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• Soft matter and complex fluids

A new class of polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries: multi scale structure and transport properties


Research field : Soft matter and complex fluids

Location :

Structures et Propriétés d'Architectures Moléculaires (SPrAM)

Groupe Polymères Conducteurs Ioniques (PCI)


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Starting date : 01-09-2015

Contact :



04 38 78 91 71

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04 38 78 92 86

Lithium-ion batteries are efficient electrochemical devices for storing electrical energy, produced for instance by intermittent sources (wind, solar). They are attracting a growing interest due to their use in on-board automotive and portable applications. Nowadays, the improvement of energy density and safety aspects is a major issue. However, the development of this technology is limited by short-circuiting hazards and flammability of standard solvents. The CEA (Grenoble) recently developed a new class of self-assembling lithium-ion conducting polymer, exhibiting phases that can be oriented by an external magnetic/electrical field to enhance the ionic conductivity.

The thesis aims at understanding the microscopic properties of these promising materials and their impact on the functional properties, for the design of high performance batteries. A systematic study of the structure / transport relationship will be carried out by combining sophisticated experimental tools: X-Rays and neutrons cutting-edge scattering experiments on world-class Large Scale Facilities, AFM, impedance spectroscopy and NMR. The impact of both chemical parameters and process will be evaluated to optimize the best electrolyte material. At the end, a prototype of a safer and efficient battery will be delivered.

This basic research project is therefore directly related to the technological development of new generation lithium-ion batteries and will benefit from the complementary expertise of the host laboratory CEA- INAC- SPrAM (multi-scale characterization of polymer electrolytes) and his partner, CEA- LITEN (synthesis / test innovative materials).


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