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Dr Hab. Yves Samson



Present position:

Director of the Institute for nanosciences and cryogenics (Inac), CEA-Université Grenoble Alpes



Yves Samson is the director of the Institute for nanosciences and cryogenics (Inac).

He is member of the French National Research Agency (ANR) Strategic Committee for information technologies.

Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Yves Samson joined the CEA in 1995 after a PhD dealing with the surface mechanisms involved in the direct synthesis of dimethyldichlorosilane. Since, he obtained the Habilitation from the University of Grenoble in 2002. His main research interests are on nanomagnetism and spintronics, near-field microscopies and surface science. He relied on both top-down (thin layer growth and lithography) and bottom up approaches (chemical synthesis of nanoparticles).

Yves Samson has been head of the Laboratory Nanostructures and Magnetism (2001-2007) and deputy-head of the Institute for nanoscience and cryogenics (2007-2010), CEA senior expert (2005-2015, with nanomagnetism and mass data storage technologies as areas of expertise), and director of the nanoscience program at CEA (2010-2013).

He is author or co-author of 63 papers in international journals indexed in WOS (Hirsch-index of 22), of five patents and of two chapters in scientific books. He acted as invited expert in numerous European meetings related to FET, NMP and infrastructure programs, and in joint Europe-USA meetings around nano- and convergent science and technologies. He has been member of the Science Europe scientific committee PHYCHEMA (2013-2015).


2013-present: Director of institute for nanosciences and cryogenics (CEA - University Grenoble Alpes (UGA))

Inac main research activities are on nanoelectronics, photonics and spintronics, nanoscience at the interface with biology and for health technologies, and cryogenic engineering (space applications, large instruments and targets for laser applications).

Inac includes 5 joint research units, with a staff amounting to 460 peoples (incl. 270 on permanent positions from CEA, CNRS, UGA and Grenoble INP, 180 PhD students and post docs

2011- 2013:  Director of CEA nanoscience programme

2007-2010: Deputy-head of Institute for nanosciences and cryogenics (CEA/Inac), in charge of the research programs

2001-2007 : head of the Laboratory Nanostructures and Magnetism at CEA Grenoble/Inac

1995-2007: researcher at Laboratory Nanostructures and Magnetism (CEA Grenoble/Inac)

Main own research areas: domain wall propagation in nanostructures, thin magnetic films and molecular beam epitaxy, scanning tunneling microscopy, magnetic force microscopy, FePt magnetic nanoparticles (wet chemical synthesis), mass data storage in phase change media, spin injection in semiconductors, growth process of GaN quantum dots

1994-1995: post doctoral position at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France)

Nanotribology at the SiC-SiC interface.

1991-1994 : PhD student at Institut de Recherche sur la Catalyse (CNRS), Villeurbanne (France)

Aim: understanding the basic surface and chemical phenomena associated with the active catalyst phase (Cu3Si) for the direct synthesis of the dimethyldichlorosilane (Si(CH3)2Cl2)

Research work performed in cooperation with Rhône-Poulenc Silicones research teams.

Training and diploma:

Habilitation (University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble) – defended in 2000

Surface morphologies associated with metal of metal growth, magnetic properties on thin films with perpendicular anisotropies: the contribution of near-field microscopies

Doctorate (University Claude Bernard , Lyon) – defended in 1994

Surface properties of Cu3Si copper silicide: surface segregation phenomena, interaction with sodium and cesium, interaction with methyl chloride

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon – 1988-1992

Master (DEA) in materials science and surface science

Physical chemistry degree


Overview of scientific activities:

Surface science, thin film structure:

Main research lines were on the fundamental understanding of the growth process of pure metals, of chemically ordered alloys, and of GaN quantum dots. Significant results are:



Most significant results are



Most significant results are on the interplay of magnetic domain wall with spin-polarized currents, these includes:


Mass data storage:

The demonstration of the feasibility of ultra-high density recording (> Tbit.in-2) using local heating by a current flowing from AFM-like tips to locally crystallize thin layers of chalcogenide-based phase change media [50-51, and 1st Prize of Foundation Rhône Alpes Futur in 2003].


Scientific conferences, expertise activities:


Publication list (papers published in refereed international journals):

Overview: h-factor (as of Sept. 2012): 21

Most significant journals:

Physical Review Letters: 5                                                         
Applied Physics Letters: 7

Physical Review B: 9                                                                    
Journal of Applied Physics: 9

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials: 6           
Surface Science: 5

Small: 2                                                                                                            
Journal of Material Chemistry: 1
Nature Physics: 1                                                                          
Science: 1



69. “L10 Ordering of Ultrasmall FePt Nanoparticles Revealed by TEM In Situ Annealing”

M. Delalande, M.J.F. Guinel, L.F. Allard, A. Delattre, R. Le Bris, Y. Samson, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, P. Reiss,

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (2012) 6866


68. “Hard layer demagnetization by soft layer cycling in a MgO-based perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction”

P.  Warin, T.T. Thu Nhi, P. De Person, M. Jamet, C. Beigné, Y. Samson

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials  323 (2011) 217


67. “Magnetic reversal in ion-irradiated FePt thin films”

A. Mougin, J. Ferré, O. Plantevin, H. Cruguel, F. Fortuna, H. Bernas, A. Marty, C. Beigné, Y. Samson

Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 43 (2010) 365002


66. “Stable Colloidal Solutions of High-Temperature-Annealed L10 FePt Nanoparticles”

A. Delattre, S. Pouget, J.F. Jacquot, Y. Samson, P. Reiss

Small 6 (2010) 932 


65. “(Ge,Mn): A ferromagnetic semiconductor for spin injection in silicon”

M. Jamet, T.  Devillers, I.S. Yu, A. Barski, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, J. Rothman, V. Favre-Nicolin, S. Tardif, S. Cherifi, J. Cibert, L. Grenet, P. Noe, V. Calvo, P. Warin, J.M. Hartmann, B. Rodmacq, S. Auffret, Y. Samson

International Journal of Nanotechnology 7 (2010) 575


64. “Non-adiabatic spin-torques in narrow magnetic domain walls”

C.  Burrowes, A.P. Mihai, D. Ravelosona, J.V. Kim, C. Chappert, L. Vila, A. Marty, Y. Samson, F. Garcia-Sanchez, L.D. Buda-Prejbeanu, I. Tudosa, E.E. Fullerton, J.P. Attane

Nature Physics 6 (2010) 1745


63. “Spin injection in silicon at zero magnetic field”

L. Grenet, M. Jamet,P. Noé, V. Calvo, J.-M. Hartmann, L. E. Nistor, B. Rodmacq, S. Auffret, P. Warin, Y. Samson

Applied Physics Letters 94 (2009) 032502


62. Synthesis of Homogeneous FePt Nanoparticles Using a Nitrile Ligand**

V. Monnier, M. Delalande, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, Y. Samson, P. Reiss*

Small 4 (2008) 1139


61.  “Electron-magnon diffusion and magnetization reversal detection in FePt thin films”

A.P. MIhai, J.P. Attané, A. Marty, P. Warin, Y. Samson
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 060401


60. “Tailoring magnetism in CoNi films with perpendicular anisotropy by ion irradiation”

D. Stanescu, D. Ravelosona, V. Mathet, C. Chappert, Y. Samson, C. Beigné, N. Vernier, J. Ferré, J. Gierak, E. Bouhris, E.E. Fullerton

Journal of Applied Physics 103 (2008) 07B529


59. “Magnetic coupling between high magnetization perpendicular electrodes in an epitaxial FePt/MgO/FePt magnetic tunnel junction”

P. De Person, P. Warin, M. Jamet, C. Beigné, Y. Samson

Physical Review B 76 (2007) 184402


58.  “Core-shell structure of chemically synthesised FePt nanoparticles: a comparative study”

M. Delalande, P. Marcoux, P. Reiss, Y. Samson

Journal of Materials Chemistry 16 (2007) 1579


57. “Thermally activated depinning of a narrow domain wall from a single defect”
J.P. Attane, D. Ravelosona, A. Marty, Y. Samson, C. Chappert

Physical Review Letters 96 (2006) 147204


56. “Antiferromagnetic relaxation and induced anisotropy in Fe/twinned PtMn bilayers”

A. Mougin, J. Borme, R. L. Stamps, A. Marty, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, Y. Samson, J. Ferré

Physical Review B B 73 (2006) 024401


55. « Magnetic domain wall propagation unto the percolation threshold across a pseudo rectangular disordered lattice”

J.P. Attané, Y. Samson, A. Marty, J.C. Toussaint, G. Dubois, A. Mougin, J.P. Jamet

Physical Review Letters 93 (2004) 257203


54.  “Chemical order and selection of the mechanism for strain relaxation in epitaxial FePd(Pt) thin layers”
D. Halley, A. Marty, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, B. Gilles, J.P. Attané, Y. Samson
Physical Review B 70 (2004) 174438


53. “Chemical ordering in magnetic FePd/Pd(001) epitaxial thin films induced by annealing”

D. Halley, B. Gilles, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, R. Arenal, A. Marty, G. Patrat, Y. Samson
Physical Review B 70 (2004) 174437


52. « Tailoring magnetism by light ion irradiation »

J. Fassbender, D. Ravelosona, Y. Samson

Article de revue

Journal of Physics D – Applied Physics 37 (2004) R179-R196


51. “Electrical probe storage in Phase Change Media”

S. Gidon, O. Lemonnier B. Rolland, O. Bichet, C. Dressler, Y. Samson

Applied Physics Letters 85 (2004) 6392


50. “Local Characterization and Transformation of Phase-Change Media by Scanning Thermal Probes"

O. Bichet, C. D. Wright, Y. Samson, S. Gidon

Journal of Applied Physics 95 (2004) 2360


49. « Flux closure domains and demagnetizing energy determination in sub-micron magnetic dots »

P.O Jubert, J.C. Toussaint, O. Fruchart, C. Meyer, Y. Samson

Europhysics Letters 63 (2003) 135


48. “ Ordering intermetallic alloys by ion irradiation: a new way to tailor magnetic media ”
H. Bernas, J. P. Attané, K-H. Heinig, D. Halley, A. Marty, P. Auric, D. Ravelosona, C. Chappert, Y. Samson

Physical Review Letters 91 (2003) 077203


47. “Anomaly of strain relaxation in thin ordered FePd layers”
D. Halley, Y. Samson, A. Marty, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, C. Beigné, B. Gilles, J.E. Mazille

Physical Review B 65 (2002) 205408


46. « Individual domain wall resistance as a probe of magnetization reversal in submicron ferromagnétic structures »

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45. “Chemical ordering at low temperature in FePd films

D. Ravelosona, C. Chappert, H. Bernas, D. Halley, Y. Samson, A. Marty

Journal of Applied Physics 91 (2002) 8082


44. « Magnetic domain configurations in exchange-coupled NiO / Co bilayer films »

M. Cartier, S. Auffret, Y. Samson, P. Bayle-Guillemaud, B. Dieny

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 223 (2001) 63-72


43. “Domain wall pinning on strain relaxation defects in FePt(001)/Pt thin films”

J.P. Attane, Y. Samson, A. Marty, D. Halley, C. Beigné

Applied Physics Letters, 79 (2001) 794


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IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 37 (2001) 1643-45


39. « Magnetization process in FePd thin films between 0 and 1Tesla»
O. Klein, Y. Samson, A. Marty, S. Guillous, M. Viret, C. Fermon, H. Alloul

Journal of Applied Physics 89 (2001) 6781-6783


38. « Influence of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy on closure domains studied with x-ray resonant magnetic scattering »

E. Dudzik, S.S. Dhesi, H.A. Durr, S.P. Collins, M.D. Roper, G. Van der Laan, K. Chesnel, M. Belakhovsky, A. Marty, Y. Samson

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Applied Physics Letters 76 (2000) 1455


35. « Magnetic ultrathin films and multilayers growth and characterization »
J.P. Deville, A. Barbier, C. Mocuta, G. Renaud, Y. Samson, H. Magnan, P. Le Fève, D. Chandesris, P. Panissod, C. Mény
Analusis 28 (2000) 118


34. « Magnetization dynamics and relaxation in epitaxial FePd thin films with a stripe domain structure »

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Books :


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Supervised doctorate students:

Olivier Bichet, defended in 2003  “Recording with microtips on phase change media: towards ultra-high densities for information storage” [titles are translated from French]


Jean-Philippe Attané, defended in 2003 “Interaction between magnetic domain walls and structural defects, chemical ordering by light ion irradiation in thin FePt(Pd) films”


Jérôme Borme, defended in 2005  “Thin layers of antiferromagnetic alloys (PtMn, FeMn) : growth, structure and magnetic properties”


Pierre de Person, defended in 2006 “Efficient injection of spin-polarized carriers in ferromagnetic metal-semiconductor heterostructures”


Michael Delalande, defended in 2007 “Magnetic and structural properties of FePt nanoparticles produced by chemical synthesis”

Tran Thi Thu-Nhi, defended in 2009 “Magnetic tunnel junctions: coupling between electrodes, asymmetry induced by doping of the tunnel junction”


Louis Grenet, defended in 2009  “Spin injection in GaAs semiconductor”


Anastasia Delattre, defended in 2010 “FePt nanoparticles produced by chemical synthesis: chemical ordering by light ion irradiation and laser pulses”



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