Inac, Institute for Nanoscience and Cryogenics



The Institute for Nanoscience and Cryogenics is, as assessed in 2015, “a world-class institute producing fundamental and multidisciplinary research with a real willingness to valorize important findings through both relevant partnerships with industry/technology developers and the creation of start ups.”*

Inac research focuses are on

  • nanoscience : spintronics, photonics, nanoelectronics, nanoscience for energy, nanoscience at the interface with biology, including strong skills and activities in nanocharacterisation (TEM, synchrotron beamlines at ESRF, NMR and EPR...), theory and simulation
  • cryogenics , for large instruments (CERN, ITER...), spatial applications and cryogenic targets for lasers.

Inac staff amounts to 460 peoples from CEA, CNRS and Grenoble University, including 110 PhDs students and 60 post docs.


Key figures:

  • 340 publications per year, 2015 mean IF was 5.06.
  • 9 ERC grants have been awarded to Inac researchers.
  • Inac teams are significant players in European Framework Programmes, with more than 30 collaborative projects over FP7 and H2020.
  • 6 start ups have been created from Inac IP since 2011. Inac welcome relevant partnership with industry. Feel free to contact us to explore research and innovation opportunities.


At Inac, we offer to PhDs and post doctoral researchers a rich and fruitful research environment

  • with forefront research facilities, such as a 700 m2 clean room (PTA), world class characterisation facilities (PFNC), French beamlines at ESRF and neutron lines at ILL, unique cryogenic test facilities…
  • within a remarkable site, allowing us close partnerships with other major research Institutes such as Néel, Leti, Liten, IBS and Big, and the European campus with ESRF synchrotron and ILL neutron facility.
  • In the frame of the University Grenoble Alpes project, recently awarded an Initiative d’Excellence (Idex**) funding. 3700 students currently prepare a PhD at University Grenoble Alpes.

If willing to apply for a PhD or post doctoral position, please contact us at ????.

Inac, a joint CEA  -Université Grenoble Alpes research Institute,  includes 5 labs - Mem, Pheliqs, Sbt, Spintec, Symmes – each joint research units between CEA and UGA, Spintec and Symmes are also with CNRS.


* Report from the High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES) visiting committee in 2015.

** Idex funding is currently granted to 8 French sites, to support a world class University.

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Masters and Thesis

PhD and Master thesis

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110 PhDs 

60 post-docs 

40 intern 

Average length of PhDs: 36 months

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