Journée Portes-Ouvertes -- MASTERS 2020 -- Open Doors Day





Welcome to the Labs' open-doors day for Master students, co-organized by the Institute for Nanocience and Cryogenics (INAC, CEA-UGA) and the Néel Institute (CNRS) on Friday, October 27th, 2017

You will meet researchers offering internship opportunities in a wide range of scientific topics.

Registration is MANDATORY, see below.

Deadline for non-European nationals : Tuesday, October 17th, 12 am
Deadline for European nationals : Thursday, October 19th, 12 am

Arrivals take place before 8:30 am or before 2:00 pm (for those who cannot attend the morning session) at CEA or CNRS main entrances. No entry will be possible outside these hours.

Full practical details and reminder will be sent by mail to registered attendees on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017.

Detailed program (to be displayed on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017)

NEEL Labs: JOD_Neel_2017.pdf (updated Oct-24, 5pm)

INAC Labs:  INAC-presentations.pdf (updated Oct-25, 12am)

Program overview and Indicative schedule
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Morning Nanoscience subjects* Condensed Matter and Materials subjects*
Noon Lunch in common, offered by Labex LANEF
Afternoon Other subjects* Nanoscience subjects*

* Distribution to be confirmed. 


Beginning at:
morning / afternoon
before 8:30 am / before 2:00 pm Entrance checking (incl. CEA badges if applicable)
8:30 am / 2:00 pm Transfer to meeting room

8:45 am / 2:15 pm

General presentation of the Institute
9:15 am / 2:45 pm
  • Flash presentation of Internship subjects
  • Coffee break + choice of subjects*
  • Specific meetings*
no later than 12:30 am / 6:00 pm Transfer to lunch place / leave

* How it works:

  • Flash presentation will be given for individual subjects or group of subjects in a same lab.
  • During coffee break you will choose up to 3 subjects (or group of subjects) for an immediate meeting with the supervisor(s)
  • You should prepare your preliminary selection with the subjects descriptions on the websites, for INAC and NEEL
  • Depending on the supervisor, specific meetings will take place in a lab, in front of a poster, or whatever...
  • Don't forget that delayed meetings with supervisors can be organized if necessary later on. Take appointments.
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