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Imagerie médicale
P. Delangle, P. H. Fries, C. Gateau, D. Imbert, M. Mazzanti
The synthesis of biocompatible complexes of paramagnetic gadolinium Gd3+ ions, used as contrast enhancers in 40 % of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations, has accompanied the rapid growth of this non-invasive diagnosis tool. Images are maps of the spatial variation in the organism of ... Lire la suite »
The fascinating optical properties of lanthanide ions have promoted the use of their complexes in an increasing number of technological applications ranging from biomedical analysis (fluoroimmunoassays, and cellular imaging) to materials science (lasers, optical fibers, light emitting diodes, ... Lire la suite »
The design of metal ion chelators is an active field of research which aims at synthesizing efficient molecules either for chelation therapy, which is used in case of metal intoxication and to treat disorders of metal homeostasis, or for the preparation of metal-based probes. In RICC team, we ... Lire la suite »


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