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Technologies pour la santé et interface chimie-biologie

Maj : 18/10/2013 (174)

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Les cellules de l'organisme sont constamment soumises à l'action d'agents délétères (des "stress") physiques ou chimiques, d'origine exogène autant qu'endogène. Les réactions chimiques et biochimiques induites par ces ... Lire la suite »
The use of engineered nanoparticles in daily-use products and for medical applications is one of the challenges of today science. Due to their small size, these products develop singular physical and chemical properties, making them promising tools that can be implemented in future ... Lire la suite »
Excessive exposure to sunlight has two major consequences in skin: ageing and induction of cancer. The latter effect is largely explained by the ability of the UV portion of solar to damage DNA. The photons with the highest energy (UVB, 280-320 nm) are well known to induce dimerization of adjacent ... Lire la suite »


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