Auto-assemblage et structuration des systèmes organiques
Contact : Pierre TERECH

This page describes the activities of former LASSO lab (ending December 31st, 2011) wich are now conducted in other labs (SPrAM/LEMOH and SP2M/NRS)


The activity is centered on the study of the structure/properties relations of different systems in the « soft condensed matter » area such as gels , polymers, microemulsions (cubic phases) , wetting problems. We are interested in understanding the macroscopic ( or mesoscopic) properties of these different soft condensed matter systems from their structure and the interactions of their elementary components.


Two approaches are being followed :
• An approach via structural characterization and physical properties measurements using laboratory equipment (AFM + X-ray scattering equipment) and large scale facilities (ILL and ESRF, mostly using surface scattering and small angle scattering)

Self-assembled fibrillar networks (SAFINs) :
What is the relation between their macroscopic (ex:rheological) properties and their microscopic structure? How can we understand the structure from the association of small properties?

Surfaces & Interfaces Wetting- Spreading of droplets - Shape of micro-droplets Adhesion & wafer bonding:
What is the structure of the bonding interface ?
What governs the dynamics of the bonding front ?
Microemulsions : structure and dynamics of droplet cubic phases

• An approach via the study of interactions by spectroscopy ( infra-red spectroscopy )
What is the role of hydrogen bonds in hydration of biomolecules?
What is the structure of hydrogen bonds in water close to the critical point?

The lab is also in charge of the CRG Interface beamline at ESRF (GMT Instrument) where researches are carried out in collaboration with outside users.
As examples of recent research carried out at the LASSO lab:
• fabrication of nanotubes by self assembly of small molecules.
• interaction between clay particles and phospholipid molecules at the air/water interface.

• study of the solid-solid interface by grazing incidence scattering of X-rays.


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